Thursday, August 18, 2011

Emas catat rekod lagi USD 1825 !

Emas catat rekod lagi. Kali ni dikaitkan dengan krisis hutang Eropah yang makin meruncing serta kejatuhan pasaran saham seluruh dunia menyebabkan pelabur mengalih pelaburan mereka kepada emas yang terbukti lebih selamat. Kita bila lagi ?

Begitulah kelaziman emas. Setiap kali saham dunia jatuh, harga naik. Duit USA jatuh, harga naik. Hutang Eropah makin teruk, harga naik. Jadi kesimpulannya bagi penyimpan emas, jika berlaku perkara-perkara yang disebutkan tadi, mereka akan tersenyum...

Tengok sajalah jadual Kitco di atas. Kenaikan tahunan sudah hampir 50% !!! Maknanya jika kita beli emas RM 3000 tahun lepas (18 Ogos 2010) , kini harganya sudah hampir RM 4500 !! Untung RM 1500. Bayangkan.

Apa lagi. Mari membeli dan menyimpan emas. Jangan tunggu naik lagi. Tapi jika nak dapat harga di bawah market price, cuba tengok di Facebook Public Gold.

Comex Gold Sharply, Hits New Record High, amid EU Debt Worries
(Kitco News) -Comex gold futures prices are trading sharply higher Thursday morning and have established another all-time record high of $1,819.90 an ounce as of this writing. Once again investor risk appetite has pulled back as the world stock markets are selling off Thursday, due to more European Union debt concerns. That's prompting fresh safe-haven demand for gold. December gold last traded up $22.70 at $1,816.60 an ounce. Spot gold last traded up $24.10 an ounce at $1,813.75. December Comex silver last traded up $0.067 at $40.445 an ounce.

The European Union debt crisis remains a major bullish fundamental factor for the gold market. European financial stocks sold off sharply overnight and gold rallied. Tuesday's meeting between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who discussed what to do about the debt crisis, left traders and investors nonplussed. The EU debt saga drags on with no end in sight.

The market place continues to look to the U.S. stock market and its daily movements. The daily price moves in the U.S. stock indexes continue to be the gauge for measuring investor risk appetite in the market place. And Thursday, investors have pulled in their horns and are seeking perceived safer assets.
The U.S. dollar index is trading firmer Thursday morning on short covering in a bear market. The greenback bulls have faded again this week. Currency and financial markets are also awaiting some U.S. inflation and other key U.S. economic data due out Thursday morning.

Crude oil prices are trading solidly lower Thursday morning on the EU debt woes and slumping stock markets. However, recent price action hints the crude oil market has put in a near-term bottom. Look for choppy and sideways trading in crude oil in the coming weeks. The crude oil market will continue to be a major "outside market" force for the precious metals.

In an interview on CNBC Wednesday, widely followed newsletter writer Dennis Gartman said gold is not a safe-haven investment asset because its price is too volatile on a daily basis. Although I respect Gartman's work, he's off base on that matter. A market's or asset's perceived safe-have status has nothing to do with its daily price volatility. It's a sound notion that the vast majority of investment demand for gold is based upon the idea that gold is a safer store of value during very uncertain economic times and amid gyrating currency, stock and financial markets.

U.S. economic data due for release Thursday includes the weekly jobless claims report, the consumer price index, leading economic indicators, existing home sales and the Philadelphia Fed business survey.
The London A.M. gold fixing was $1,794.50 versus the previous P.M. fixing of $1,790.00.

Technically, gold futures bulls have the strong overall near-term and longer-term technical advantage and are gaining near-term upside technical momentum this week. Bulls' next near-term upside technical objective is to produce a close above solid technical resistance at $1,850.00. Bears' next near-term downside price objective is closing prices below psychological support at the last "reaction low" on the daily bar chart, at $1,725.80. First resistance is seen at $1,825.00 and then at $1,850.00. First support is seen at $1,800.00 and then at the overnight low of $1,786.80.

Technically, silver bulls still have the overall near-term technical advantage. Bulls are regaining some upside technical momentum this week. However, the silver bulls are not nearly in the powerfully bullish technical posture that gold now possesses. Silver bulls' next upside price objective is producing a close above solid technical resistance at the August high of $42.31 an ounce. The next downside price breakout objective for the bears is closing prices below solid technical support at the August low of $37.055. First resistance is seen at Wednesday's high of $40.63 and then at $41.00. Next support is seen at Thursday's low of $40.11 and then at $40.00.

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